About the Project

It’s an historic opportunity.

The chance to tailor our personnel system to make it more useful and responsive to our complex needs doesn’t come along too often.

HR Design is a campuswide effort to build a more efficient and effective human resource system that better serves the needs of a 21st-century public research university.

It’s our chance to simplify old ways and introduce new policies that recognize the value of our people and our mission.

There’s no question that it’s complex work. It’s also bound to cause some anxiety. Change always does. But this much we know: this project is not being done to cut salaries or benefits. State benefits will remain in place.

Our aim is to create—together—a simple, consistent and useful human resources system. UW–Madison relies on its people to succeed. We have terrific people and are building a system that keeps us competitive in recruiting and retaining talented employees. This opportunity fits with our strategic priorities.

Visit this website often for project updates and send your questions to hrdesign@news.wisc.edu.

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