Project parameters

Approved by the HR Design Advisory Committee and the Executive Sponsors on February 24, 2012.


HR Design is intended to promote a broad examination of Human Resources management at  UW-Madison. At the same time, certain parameters have been identified by the project team and executive sponsors to help guide the effort of the work teams and prioritize areas which need to be in place for the July 1, 2015 deadline.

Project Parameters

  • The employee category of “Faculty” will remain and will continue to represent only the four titles currently assigned to it. There will not be any impact on Faculty governance rights or tenure.
  • The employee category of “Academic Staff” will remain, though the description of it and/or titles represented by it may change. There will not be any impact on Academic Staff governance rights.
  • Employees holding positions in the classified service on June 30, 2015 who have achieved permanent status in class on that date shall retain just cause and appeal rights, though the specific procedures may evolve.
  • Employee categories that currently are subject to due process and just-cause requirements will retain them, though the specific procedures may evolve.
  • Student employee categories are within the scope of the project.
  • UW-Madison will still participate in WRS (Wisconsin Retirement System), state health insurance, ASLCC/SHICC (sick leave conversion), and income continuation programs.
  • The new HR system will facilitate achievement of workforce diversity at all levels. Diversity will be a primary factor when determining the viability of the HR Design Project recommendations.
  • Individual base pay for current employees will not be decreased as a result of the implementation of the new HR structure.
  • The HR Design Project is not a staffing adjustment or a reduction in force, and the project teams will not put forth recommendations for organizational changes or layoffs. The policies and processes governing layoffs will, however, be considered.
  • The new HR system will provide the flexibility to compensate employees based on the needs of the University and for reasons of market, performance, equity and cost-of-living. The structure will not provide increases in compensation, merely the Human Resources tools to do so. Changes to budgeting or funding are outside the scope of the project, but will be addressed by other efforts at the University.